Sebiticals Chapter 41: Have You Seen the Gyata You Reared?

Soooooo on point and don’t know why we cant stop this nonsense to the extent that a CEO has to report to work with a group of foot soldiers…what is he portraying?! And what in the hell’s name are we doing to our country?!!!
This madness must stop.

Nana A Damoah

lion cage

There is a popular cartoon that has been making the rounds for years.

Let me describe the progression in the scene for you.

The scene opens with actor standing in front of the cage with the lion locked behind it. The director briefs the actor that when the ‘action’ cue was given, the actor is to open the cage and free the lion. The lion will chase the actor around as the actor acts scared and distressed. The director then assured the actor that he shouldn’t worry about the lion harming him.

“Don’t worry,’ the director said, ‘the lion would eat you. It is written here in the script.”

“All well and good,’ the actor replied, “you might have written the script, but the question is, ‘Has the lion read the script too?'”

In the run-up to the 2016 Elections in Sikaman, the current governing party trained some gyatas and…

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pheeewwwww!! what an experience. we thank God for protection and safety

Mum C writes

I was glad when two gentlemen I knew from the Ghana Association of Writers contacted me and asked me to apply for the Ebedi International Writers Residency. The thought of a cozy place to complete works I deemed difficult, was very welcome. Then I thought of going through Togo through to Benin to Nigeria. Seeing parts of three countries (no matter how small) and I felt happy. So I shelved all ideas of going by air. In any case, travelling by road was less expensive. So after going through with the Autism Help Foundations “Lightasit”, with permission from my workstation, I left the following day, 14th April, 2017, tired but ready to explore.

My godmother booked me on a Chisco Transport. One that promised air-condition, comfortability, safety and food. My bags were checked right up to my little feminine toiletry bag and tagged before it got a place in the…

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Dear Messenger, It’s An Emergency!📣

Joseyphina's World

A pastor I listened to one Sunday drew this intriguing and thought-provoking scenario:

Someone has a relative at the brink of death at the hospital with no money to cater for his bills. This person sends you the money to take to the hospital so the doctor can start treatment. This is a matter of urgency. But instead of seeing it as such, you take your precious time, deciding what outfit to put on, which car to step out in, to wait for the scorching sun to set a bit and check out your look in the mirror. How do you think the person would feel when he finds out how unserious you were handling the issue?

Do you think he will ever forgive you if his relative ended up dying because of your nonchalant attitude to the urgent situation? Probably not.

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Do You Think It’s Cool to Have a Work Spouse? 

Lol! This one . Has its pros and cons and its working positively depends solely on the maturity of both workers. If maturity levels are low, issues of jealousy, disagreements between the two and personal squabbles tend to affect work adversely.

Joseyphina's World

You remember back in school where your colleagues used to pair up to study, hang out and everything else in between so as to make their college life a smooth ride? A good percentage of them ended a few months after graduation when the couples found out the relationship has exhausted its value.

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Mum C writes

Captain Maxwell Mahama

It is sad to hear that Captain Maxwell Adam Mahama was mistaken for a thief and brutally lynched on May 29, 2017. But I am amazed at the fact that this is just getting the attention of the Ghanaian populace now. I will not say it is a Denkyira-Obuasi (Central Region) thing but it is a Ghanaian thing. I have not lived that long on earth but have witnessed more than four of these crucial murders and heard more than a dozen happen in Ghana. The question is, did it have to happen to someone well placed in society to gain the attention it deserved?

In 2009, while returning from school, I was horrified to see the burning frame of a human being at the Ayigbe Junction, Israel, in Accra. The taxi driver taking me to my destination then, seeing how shaken I was laughed and said:

“Ei! Small madam! This…

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You came into our lives, when some five to six years ago Daddy Kofi called me that he needed money to attend to an urgent need. It was to help you get your lens for sight. He later in the day gave me your full profile and said you were the latest addition to the Nutty family.

Well I finally met you and you became part of the family. You were naturally shy and a private person. But once you got accustomed to us as family, you opened up. I still remember your first Christmas family meeting with us, and how you expressed your exasperation about how people looked down on you and mistreated you due to your religious inclination. We as a family however, accepted you as you were and worked on you together as a family. Together we saw your progression in all aspects of your life. Our Cutie, Our Little Jane, shy and somewhat timid, was gradually becoming that bold and confident sociable young woman we all desired and prayed for. When you were afraid that your heart could be broken, we gave the assurance that it was part of life. Our family meetings were serious and yet happy moments for us all. Indeed,  our last was two years ago. You had lots of activities that day, but you made it a point to be there for a couple of hours. And dear, we still keep looking at the pictures we took at all the family meetings, still trying to grasp that you are gone; and need we say tooooooo soon! It’s all we have of you now. Daddy and I had discussed that we needed to meet up this year, but I shudder to think of this meeting!

News of your demise has hit us real hard dear, especially because of the way we found out. Its shocking!

Daddy misses his little girl and can’t believe she’s gone.

Mummy says you’ve rendered her numb with coldness.

Aunty Audrey heard someone narrating the accident, little did she know it was you.

Aunty Nana Oye can’t believe it’s true.

Uncle Seli just asked, ” Is that our Little Jane?”

Doreen, Ama Serwaa, Dufie, Nana Serwaa, Ohui and Rose say, ” Jane, you’ll never walk alone!”

Dela, DeeDee and Wenzel say they don’t believe your gentle soul is gone!

Our Cutie, words elude us, yet our hearts yearn to say a lot. We will cherish the moments we shared together; we will remember all the family meetings we had. We really wish we could hug you one more time and say how much we love you!

Jane, Damirifa Due!

Maa Abena,Due, Due ne amanehunu!!

Our Little Angel Cutie, Rest in perfect peace!!!



Taboo 02: Happy birthday to me

Mine would follow suit soon. REal sad!!


Wow! The support for #OurTaboo has been absolutely phenomenal! Thank you for all the emails, text messages and the general goodwill! Thanks to all those who also sent in their PCOS stories after reading Intruder as well as all those who sent in remedies and alternative solutions. I also love the fact that so many people are now aware that PCOS exists. That is exactly why I started this series. One of my readers who had the PCOS condition asked me to give everyone who is going through it this message:

‘Don’t give up. Have faith in God. I just gave birth to a healthy baby boy a few months ago. It could only have been the grace of God. Don’t give up. Miracles happen.’ 

This story is equally moving and I hope that it starts a new conversation about the status quo in Ghana. Don’t forget the hashtag #OurTaboo

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