Hahahahhahahahahahahhaaaaa shea has showed you power!.. Enjoy dear

Mum C Writes

You shea
Having met a weather to your fair
…and acting queer
Know she whom you steer!

You shea
Thinking I can, your stubbornness, bear
To, of you, steer clear
You’ll meet your heating fear

You changing in a small advantage
You hardening in my cold caging
You refusing to my finger calling
Acting boss to your master
Is the height I will never take
No matter how high your stakes
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © February 18, 2020

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True talk Sister! Our words can push people to their graves. May we apply wisdom in our speeches.!

Mum C Writes

The world has turned puzzle
…for many a troubled soul
Puzzle they can’t solve through their hustles
So before a word walks from the chambers of your mind
…please vet its wisdom

Borketey got slapped by few words
…a week ago
Those words followed him home
…got shame ropes to hang him dead
…just last night

They were whispering
…whispering about her flat buttocks
…whispers which turned air to haunt her breath
They were taunting
…taunting her about her crooked face
…taunts which kept teasing her self esteem
…until it bowed
All those turned monsters
…to push Ekuba through her own strength
…from the sixth storey of her father
Shattering the body which hosted her soul and spirit

Three days ago
Kojo was mocked because of his poor results
The ever brilliant youth went straight from school
Reached home to find it an abattoir
Slaughtering himself to…

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hahahahahhahaaaaaa good one!!!! masre saaaa

Mum C Writes

Agbovi looked at Mawusi
Her shea buttered skin repulsing him
Her natural nails simple-slapping his ego
Her foamy hair angering him
Three pimples on her face
…disgusting him
He booted her out of his house
…like a useless football

He went back to his phone
…to Maya
Her fair skin flawlessly obeyed his constant zooming
Her eye shadowed and well made-up face
…excited him
Her silky hair tantalized
…his wishes
As her well manicured nails
…dug false yams of hope under him
Still, her beautiful voice strengthened
…his resolve to do everything to keep her

Minutes grew into hours
…hours grew into days
…days grew into months
And social media sped to their meeting
Agbovi waited at the Circle Station
…for three hours, before her car arrived

Boiɛ Boi!
He rushed for her bag like a dutiful servant
…and forced to take her…

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Hmmm very sad!

Mum C Writes

She was caught like a stalked game
…folded like a foldable chair and tied with goat ropes
Then thrown onto the back seat
…of the Corona
Her screams cut off by a chloroform

She woke to sounds without faces
Her blindfold, thicker than a myth
She was fed
And threatened every second of her consciousness
Afiba was made a dog to fear
…her heart barking at every shadow of a sound

Days felts like years
…before her father’s semi-assurance boomed on a phone
Her gods cutting her father short at his coma
…killing the birth of his full stop of a sure rescue
As the rape tonned down
…her little lady wept for what had become an addiction
What was worse?
She craved for it through to the abuse

The quadruple doses their sticks poked
…before and after breakfast
…called for double…

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TEARS – For Maame Ama Donkor

It is well!

Mum C Writes

Why do some clouds form to fold
…only to unfold when told
…then sold to the bold to hold in cold
…and fall to mould and sold
…to the highest bidders?
It hurts
…when unfairness stars to shadow the fair
Oh world!

I see angry clouds forming on your sky
Adding myth pelts to flog you in unanswerable whys
Though I stand in the light of enlightenment
Fear of the rest of the unknown
…roots my legs
Mythical roots still send shock waves
…through my heart
And cowardice cages my inner tongue

They who named you might have planted pain
…to strain you into insanity
I can only say sorry
…for the blames heaped on your burdens
For your hardwork mistaken for witchcraft
For the many insults shot into your fragile soul
For the many a flawed accusations turned truth
…for your acceptance
That I hide in…

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So honur you!

Mum C Writes

God is the shining smile of the sun
…the tasty piety of dew
God is the peaceful blanket of the dark
…the very thin layer of its dawn
God is the many droplets of rain
…the refreshing fan of air
God is breath

God is spaceful shoulders in sore sorrows
God is warm hugs in bad tags
God is kind words in murderous distress
God is food in gnawing hunger
God is water in suffocating thirst
God is the source of our souls

God is the hand of help in our letdowns
God is the handkerchief
…which wipes our troubled tears
God is the push in our tired
God is the goodness which sprouts from bad
God is life

So look for Him in all you see
Without paying a fee
The face of God is unpainted
…so can’t be tainted
God is even in the you…

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It’s funny, isn’t it?

Very funny indeed gal!

Joseyphina's World

It’s funny how spinsters are anxious to get the ring

While the wives are losing interest in wearing theirs;

With the former crying that it’s all society whines about

And the latter brushing it off with, “It’s not that deep”

It’s funny how employees step out to become entrepreneurs

And then look forward to working with others who ‘share their vision’

Yet when their workers think it’s time for them to find their feet out there

The once employees-turned-employers cry foul that ‘Kids of today ain’t loyal and don’t like to submit to authority’;

It’s funny how Christians proclaim they pray for all ‘lost’ souls to be saved

Yet when their favorite secular artiste or celeb declares himself born again

Some turn skeptical instead of joyful, calling it fake and a publicity stunt

When in actual fact, a part of them is sad that they have one less secular person…

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Indeed life is simple for the open minded! And yet still complex in its own way!

Mum C Writes

Show me the gate of your sense
To go cleanse it’s dense lenses
…to aid it see
…what needs to be

Give me the keys to the mains
…of your brains
To join understanding veins
…to your sanes
To open up your mind’s gate

Because now you sound like a hound
…found in a not so sound
…mound hole
All humans know and toe the sane
…but you’re acting insane
…calling it your choice
Some choices are voices of noises
…made by deadly drowning depressions

Why many should get depression
…out of your expressions
…form clouds on humanity
If you feel like a superhuman
…turn spirit and evaporate
If you can’t corporate
…turn animal and get a jungle
For opinions clash
…but through the rush of emotions
We learn to blend to end a bad trend
So harmony will weed harm
…off bodies
Life is simple for…

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Aaaaawww how heart-rendering!!!!!

Mum C Writes

…tell Leila to tell Niima
…that Rafia has been killed and buried in herself
Her body is now a walking coffin
…without her being in there
How did it happen you ask?

Just last three nights
Awudu’s lust drove his monsters
…to cast Rafia in his dubious feast of rape
That innocent girl was forced to taste womanhood
…and pushed by pain to old age
…jumping passions and love
Thanks to Awudu’s scissors of ruthlessness

Found in her first blood
Awudu was summoned and an eyewitness was called
Having been caught
He pleaded not guilty and pushed his wrong
…on desire
Rafia’s father and other elders met
…to see to the right punishment
And came out with marriage
They claimed
…food already soiled with one hand
…must be gifted to the hand
…in magnanimity
My heart sank

How a young girl was punished to marry

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I have faith; I have doubts

You really echo my thoughts at every given time!!! We really should meet sometime soon!

Joseyphina's World

Faith is the assurance of things yet to be seen…

Faith is supposed to be solid, unwavering, unquestioning

Or at least that’s what it’s painted out to be

But it takes doubt to have faith

Something must shake to gain ground

Something must give for the puzzle to fit right

Life has a way of humbling us to our knees

When we think we are strong on our feet

Just so you reconsider your belief in the ground you’ve been standing on so far

Having faith shows you’ve connected your spirit to God who’s

Battling doubt proves you’re human; a fleshy obstacle you’ve
to deal with till you’re no more

Finding yourself in a doubtful pit is inevitable and to be expected

What God expects from you is for you to admit

Father, I believe but I have questions”

Knowing that He indeed holds all the answers to…

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