It is well darling

Mum C writes

Odomankomah Nyankopong Totorobonsu is the ultimate judge of our lives
We have no stools in lives of others
To sit like judges and condemn souls
The mock ones in life are just for protection; justice and fairness
We are not qualified to throw stones
In mistakes of others
Because fallibility is a natural cloth on every skin
We are all pigs trying to bathe clean in muddy waters of holiness
After every dirt wallowing
We are all rags
Trying to wash ourselves into tatters of cleanliness
After every stain of sin
We are chronic sinners
Who need understanding in place of accusations
We are all travellers
On crooked paths which we mostly never see
So help better a path in love or quietly pass
We can only eat each other up, in a survival fight
All others are falling in failing to our standing or ending
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia ©…

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Maame, Nyame nhy3 wo den wai…

Kay Nayame mfa wo nsie mma y3n

Mum C writes

It seems my eyes are set on your fantasy stage
I see your face on every page
I can’t detach from all the rage
Words don’t help, not even of those of a sage
I am in an anger cage

You’re on my bed
Watching my eyes which are so red
You are in that shed
Your voice so very clearly heard
You are in my head, oh so in my exploding head
You are on this page, this very writing page

Son of mine, you know you’re fine
I did tell you you looked so fine
Son of mine, I will not whine
So come back my love and be forever mine
Kay Kay you know I can’t dine
Not with you gone, I just can’t dine
Son of mine! Son of mine!! Son of mine!!!

I hear you even from my blocked ears
I see…

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Mum C writes


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In unison with my scribe mentor, I say:
Kofi Ayeeko!
Busumuru mo ne yo!
Nana nantiw yiye!
Nyame mmfa wo kra nsie mma y3n.

Mum C writes

We have lived to see a fountain of example seize
After watering many a revering
We have lived under the disinfection of a lotus
Even in this menopausal mud
We have seen the rise of an oak even in thirsty soil
And we have learnt to dream even in our wakefulness
Busumuru, yɛdawoase o!

It takes just a being to change a state
Stories of Kofi Babone splattered satires
And mirrored our flaws
Until you blossomed through a Friday
And overturned it
You were the great Kwaku Ananse
Who wove his nest to house the world’s struggling
You were the soft worded tongue
Who balmed wounded hearts and achieved many a global stability
You were that one icon
Whose breath exuded peace
Personality called wars to their ending
Extended hand placed ties between nations

You were the best black star
Which led nations for years on end

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The Savanna International Academy way

Chronicles of a Savannah Boy

Dear Nii Kpakpo,

There is a new trend coming up north and about to hit like a local tsunami that will collapse the way we think generally not only in Ghana but Africa and the global world.

Kpakpo there is a new school being established up north and this school is the Savanna International Academy. This school is a school that is going to be run on the IGCSE global system which will ensure that students of the school will fit into any global society.

The vision of the school is to churn out and train global change makers who are aware of their self and their society at large.

Anyemi, the founders of the school are local people who have gone through the system and identified the lapses in the educational systems vis-a-vis global changes in the world especially when it comes to bringing up the children who we…

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Who doesn’t enjoy a pat on the back for a good work done, now and then? We all do! And yet do we think about whether we will receive that same pat on the back from God?

So listening to Dietrich’s song, ‘Well done’, just sets my mind in a race. When God breaks down or segregates every single aspect of our lives, what will it be? Will He say every aspect was well executed and lived according to His purpose and will for our lives? Will He say Effie ceded some aspects to His will and championed others selfishly, because she felt like a boss in those areas? Will He say Kofi gave Him his all and ensured He Jesus took the steering wheel? Did Renee use her intellect and skills for His kingdom? Did Kwaku use his hobbies and talents to praise Him, and stay humble enough to groom  others? Did Aseda’s marriage please Him? Oh I could go on with countless questions! Did Max persevere stand up for His faith in Him as an Accountant?

We all definitely like to have that pat on the back, but are we doing what it takes to have that pat? Wait a minute! We are talking eternity right? So maybe I should ask a three-fold question:

Will Marionne make it to heaven in the first place? Will she cross the river?

When she crosses the river, will her good works speak for her, and to what extent?

Will she then receive the pat on the back with, “well done!”?

Well in conclusion I guess I will only affirmatively say; God through His Son Jesus who brought us salvation, and by the power of the Holy Spirit, desires that we definitely cross this river, but not just cross it; but also that He can confidently say, “Well done faithful servant!”

Are we faithful servants? To what extent? Are we giving our all or part? Indeed by faith we all pray to hear those exciting and heart soothing words, “well done , you can come on in!”


Female Role Models: Stella Allou

Mum C writes

Stella Allou with pen name Ella Rhymz started the game of poetry at a tender age. Her love for short stories and poetry was developed by her late father. She’s a product of St Monica Senior High School where she was an active member of the Read Wide and Debators’ Clubs. She had her tertiary education at Bolgatanga Nurses Training College where she held the SRC library Representive Position. Her maiden book “Colourful Poetry” is a collection of poems available on Amazon. Several of her poems have been featured on online magazines and local newspapers such as “The Mirror”.
She is currently a registered general nurse at Tamale Teaching Hospital, where she loves her service to humanity. Stella believes that kindness to the sick is service to God. She hopes to further her education and develop her writing skills as well. She aspires to write medical fiction sometime to come…

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