You guys agree that generally politicians are not very truthful, right? Well after listening to them, watching them, interviewing them as a journalist and spending some time in their company, this is what I, Kwame Gyan of Nsawkaw in the Tain District, think our politicians mean when they say or do certain things.

Enjoy and feel free to add on the Facebook thread or here;

1. I care for you

Yeah right. I care for me that’s why I need you to give me the mandate so I care for me some more and when I have had enough I give you the crumbs.

2. Plans are far advanced….

Yes, plans are as advanced as reading them out of this script. We don’t intend to do this anytime soon so please don’t expect it anytime soon.

3. My name is Honourable….

I am as dishonourable as you can get but…

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I am a young adult who likes to live life to the full for Christ. I am friendly and quite easy -going. Love to read, write, dance, watch movies and listen to music (prefer gospel and inspirational). I love to impart and impact!!!! Not easy but I do my best!

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