#VGMA2015 – Satisfying a TV audience and Fulfilling the Criteria for an Awards Show.

Well said Kwame…


I am told that the tickets for the 16th Vodafone Ghana Music Awards were sold out within 24 hours of its release. Now that’s not too many tickets if you consider the fact that a lot of the tickets were given out as complimentary to various stakeholders including nominees and their entourage, sponsors, media, VGMA Board members, clients of the major sponsor, presenters of awards and celebrities whose presence are needed to add some clout to the awards.

Ok so why is he telling us about ticket sales when he is supposed to be reviewing the event? This is why. The conference centre – sadly one of only 2 venues we have in this beautiful country of 58 years that can host an event like the music awards – seats not more than 2000 people, and that is pushing it to its seams. What this means is that the vast…

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