My cousin, Kwame Atiako Acheampong, put forth this apt comment on one of my Facebook threads this evening where i am calling for the ban of polythene bags. I think we should all read his thoughts on #AccraFloods. Makes sense:

Don’t waste your time, cous. Do you think leadership has the BALLS to take such an action? I’m so pissed. See, every and any sane country/entity- after whatever disaster- goes through a period of soul-searching; where drastic/painful measures are taken to ensure that NEVER AGAIN will it happen or even if it does, losses will be minimal. Countless examples throughout the history of the world (9/11, hillsborough and heysel disasters, black September, Chernobyl disaster, Indian Ocean tsunami, WWII, etc).

If you ask me, I’d say this unfortunate death of 200+ should be a blessing in disguise- the perfect opportunity and time for the leadership to seriously look at the issues…

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