Thoughts of a Doctor – Dr. Jonathan Hundeyin



I have a number of doctor friends; and a number of politician friends. I speak for what these doctors ask for because I know  a lot about what they are subjected to in saving our lives. Our governments, both past and present, have never quite taken them seriously enough. Just as is happening now, when the doctors demand for these things they throw in Hippocratic Oath, and want to use the emotional bullish attitude. If we value these doctors then let us treat them right. They are also human beings; not machines. The below was scripted by a doctor, all of it. I have not even edited the few unnecessary mistakes in there. Read. You will understand. And if you are an idiot and want to play politics with this, may the God you serve deal with you – I take that back. If you play politics with this…

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I am a young adult who likes to live life to the full for Christ. I am friendly and quite easy -going. Love to read, write, dance, watch movies and listen to music (prefer gospel and inspirational). I love to impart and impact!!!! Not easy but I do my best!

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