Why are so many 20 year olds engaged in Sakawa (money rituals)?

My thoughts Kwame:
1. they should seek Christ Jesus, its never too late
2. Parents need to make friends of their young adults and pry a bit more into their activities…let’s stop the they need their privacy crap


Internet Fraud and Sakawa are not the same!

Yes, the above may not sound like news to a lot of you but apparently to a good number of people, the two are the same.

No they are not the same.

Internet fraud is simply that act of deceiving some bored, rich white people in Europe or the States or some part of the world that you are some pretty girl who wants love, or some hunk with six packs running away from some political nonsense or that you own gold mines and can produce more gold than Obuasi has ever seen – and then they believe you and send you some money. Sometimes you make a lot, other times you make little, and sometimes you make nothing. Your success depends on how dumb the folks on the other side of the world are.

So that’s Internet fraud. That’s what you…

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I am a young adult who likes to live life to the full for Christ. I am friendly and quite easy -going. Love to read, write, dance, watch movies and listen to music (prefer gospel and inspirational). I love to impart and impact!!!! Not easy but I do my best!

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