I wish Ghanaians had guts like Muhammad Ali



I made a similar statement in 2014 and people linked to this government who felt I was becoming too loud, too important, too aggressive, too influential, too thorny, felt this was me suggesting a violent overthrow of the government when I said “I wish we had guts like the people of Ukraine”. This was after the people of Ukraine had said no to a government that was corrupt, ineffective and one that seemed too detached from them. They had the cajones to drive the government way. We lack that umpth. We believe and keep singing ‘fa ma nyame’ as though we expect God to drop from the high heavens to physically rule us and correct our many self-inflicted and self-accepted grandiose misbehaviour.


Muhammad Ali dies and the whole world is celebrating him. They are celebrating him for the impact he made not just whiles dancing around inside a ring and punching…

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I am a young adult who likes to live life to the full for Christ. I am friendly and quite easy -going. Love to read, write, dance, watch movies and listen to music (prefer gospel and inspirational). I love to impart and impact!!!! Not easy but I do my best!

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